Building an equitable future without algorithmic bias

So, what is algorithmic bias?

Researchers have found that algorithms used in everyday technologies express racial bias against Black communities. These programs enable systemic racism by allowing mortgage brokers to make biased loan determinations, direct police forces to unjustly arrest and monitor people – and more.

To combat algorithmic bias, we center Black voices and experiences to imagine – and achieve – a more just, joyful and long-lasting equitable future for the people.

To improve the future of AI we believe in:

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The people

As an Afrofuturist organization, AI for the People uses art, film and culture to help people understand how artificial intelligence impacts Black communities.

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Black joy as an organizing principle

AI for the People makes people feel good about combating algorithmic bias. We center the joy of being Black and use this to fuel our resistance against racism in the technical design, deployment and governance of AI technology.

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Radical change

Technologies are simply tools created by people with a racial bias. AI for the People demands change in machine learning classification protocols.

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AI for the People values relationships with BIPOC leaders and allies across state, local and international communities, academia, government and advocacy to dismantle automated anti-Blackness in tech and break down institutional racism. These systems, based on systemic discrimination, perpetuate racism in technology and racist AI.

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We value safe spaces for collaboration, enlightenment and empowerment to shift AI technology more broadly to build a more equitable future and racially just industry.

Fighting Against Racist AI

AI for the People challenges racist technology and empowers Black communities to fight for an equitable future in artificial intelligence.

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