Making sure Black people are in the mix

Elon Musk buying Twitter – Mark Zuckerberg building the metaversefacial recognition systems falsely incriminating us.

These are examples of how the US tech sector has been developed WITHOUT Black people in mind.

AI for the People seeks to change that, by taking space in this industry. We engage in policy advocacy, advisory boards, content creation, product design and any other activities to ensure that interests of Black people are represented at every stage of the product development process.

This is because the tech sector is building the infrastructure of the future. AND want to make sure Black people shape the conversation.

Our Values

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Empowering Black People

As an Afro futurist organization, we center the unique needs of Black people as we think about building the tech sector we want.


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Radical Kindness

We value safe spaces for Black and other under represented groups to work on building an anti-racist, feminist tech sector.


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Focusing on Impact

We don’t talk about it, we be about it. AI for the People engages in research backed interventions to change corporate practices and develop federal level policies that protect Black and other members of the protected classes from technical harm.



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AI for the People values relationships with BIPOC leaders and allies across state, local and international communities, academia, government and advocacy to dismantle automated anti-Blackness in tech and break down institutional racism. It will take ALL of us to solve this problem not just the learned few.

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Centering Black Joy

Life is hard. Therefore we resist racism in tech sector, through building communities centered in joy.

Fighting Against Racist AI

AI for the People challenges racist technology and empowers Black communities to fight for an equitable future in artificial intelligence.

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