Fighting against the dangers of AI

Our Theory of Change

Rooted in Afrofuturism and narrative persuasion theory, AI for the People uses art, film and culture to encourage content producers, journalists, policymakers and advocates to embed racial justice into all public conversations about technology.

We ask the media and other public officials to consider how Black communities will fare with the growth of web 3, the metaverse and other advanced technologies in the future.

AI for the People has seen that the Patriot Act took 20 years to change cultural expectations around surveillance. We want to spend the next 20 years disrupting this.


AI for the People’s pillars of work

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Black in 2024

Through the Black in 2024 campaign, we provide script consultation services and support advocacy efforts focused on stopping the use of racist technology. We further work with grassroots organizations to help them develop a vision for how Black communities can thrive in the future.


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Our Future of Entertainment team wants to see if we can use comedy to educate Black audiences about the racial justice implications of the use of advanced tech. The experiment is underway.


AI for the People’s Mission

To add a technical analysis to racial justice discourse

If we are successful:

•   All racial justice organizations will have a focus on tech and race by 2030

•   There will be more Black-led organizations in the tech and racial justice space

•   There will be more progressive policy change within the tech sector

•   Journalism, entertainment, film and digital media will include narratives about how tech negatively impacts racialized people

AI for the People in the News