Our Mission

  1.   To advocate for policies that reduce the expression of algorithmic bias.


The best way develop policies that reduce the expression of racism by technical products is by:

  •  encoding civil/human rights protections into all policy proposals
  • Developing narrative systems that increase public awareness about racial justice and tech
  • Push for the adoption of policies that reduce algorithmic bias within companies as well as at the federal and multi national levels

Our Focus Areas

  • US Policy
  • UN advocacy
  • Reduction of racialized disinformation

In order to be successful:

We need to increase diversity within the field of responsible ai

AI for the People seeks to do this by partnering with universities to hire and train AI ethicists the reflect the diversity of the US population.

WE need to view disinformation as a narrative disorder

Our goal is to attack the problem at root by providing advisory services to Policy and Trust and Safety teams within platform companies.


  • Academics
  • Practitioners &
  • Movement leaders
  1. To place pressure on policy makers to craft policies that reduce algorithmic bias.
  2. Give them the resources they need to build support for these policies within their spheres of influence and,
  3. Provide the political cover needed to show this is the will of the American people.



AI for the People’s pillars of work

Code on webpage

Influence US Tech Policy

Through our Future of Tech Policy. In this vertical our policy teams work with public and private sector actors to develop policies that protect Black people from algorithmic bias, maintain their privacy and ensure tech products are designed, deployed and governed through a racially literate lens.

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Update Human Rights Norms

Through our Future of Human Right work In this vertical our team of Black digital rights defenders are focused on advocating for the inclusion on an article on freedom from algorithmic bias  in the forthcoming UN Declaration for the Human Rights of People  of African Descent.