How We Measure Impact

We Build on the Work of Black Female AI Researchers

Timnit Gebru, Joy Buolamwini and Safiya Noble are Black female AI researchers whose work points out how advanced technical systems express racism.

AI for the People advances their work by advocating for policies that stop racist technologies from being commercialized.

How we measure our effectiveness


  • Measure our IMPACT on US public policy
  • Measure our IMPACT on policy and practices within tech companies
  • Measure our IMPACT on shaping global human rights norms
  • Measure our IMPACT on how technology is discussed in the public square

Our wins


Impact on Tech Policy



To encode the combating of algorithmic bias into US policy, global human rights norms and the policies and practices of tech companies across the globe.


The Congressional Black Caucus publicly warned activists about the organizers of the disinformation campaign.

Watch the video here.

Company Policy

AFP were represented at six meetings with the Tik Tok content moderation advisory council.

Company Policy

AFP met with Twitter's National Security team around sustained trolling by a right-wing disinformation network.


AFP CEO testified to the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee in support of the Algorithmic Accountability Act

Watch the video here (starts 51:08)

Company Policy

AFP CEO  attended six meetings with the Tik Tok content moderation advisory council.

AFP CEO was recruited to the advisory board of Seekr. Seekr is a search engine designed to inform users about the political leaning of the content

Human Rights Norms

AI for the People is one of the civil society organizations shaping the drafting of the first ever UN Declaration on the Rights of People of African Descent. Their intervention is defining algorithmic bias in all its forms as a human rights violation.

Impact on Journalism


2021/ 2022 IMPACT

Our goal is to ensure journalists understand the impact of algorithmic bias on the spread of online mis and disinformation.


AFP worked with local journalists in the Philadelphia ecosystem after discovering member of the News and Information Community Exchange (N.I.C.E) network were sourcing news from Facebook groups. We found local and community journalists gathered news from people they "knew" online making them vulnerable to mis/disinformation narratives.


AFP published Op Eds in Slate, and

As well as being featured in the Washington Post and Marie Claire Magazine. The first time algorithmic bias was discussed by a mainstream women's magazine.



The Slate piece asked who would be granted free speech after Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter when it was first announced in April 2022.


The piece focused on the issues women faced in immersive environments specifically the metaverse.


Mutale Nkonde appeared on the Zerlina Maxwell Show on Sirus XM to discuss concerns Black Americans expressed about online mis/disinformation in the run up to the 2022 Midterms, expressed in the People's Guide to Wakanda report.

Impact on Popular Culture



AFP are Emmy winning content producers who in 2022 submitted their work to the Smithsonian Museum of Air in Space.

Our goal is to introduce narratives around the impact of tech on society in film, television and immersive media.

Content Creation

AFP produced two films about the dangers of facial recognition to educate New Yorkers about the dangers in their city. NY Emmy, Eyes on Me, Program Vertical: Race, Tech and Public Imagination. Watch the announcement here.

Content Creation

AI for the People produced a short film for the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space that showed how Afrofuturism could be used as a frame to educate Black audiences about technology here.


Fans of the Black Panther movie:

  • registered people to vote
  • encouraged children to stay in school and
  • advocated for criminal justice

AI for the People are members of the Afrofuturism Resource Group,a group of seven thought leaders who help studios and brands working on Afro futurist focused films, television shows and animations engage their fandoms in creating an anti-racist tech sector.

Our reports


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