Advancing the Afro American experience

Led by Mutale Nkonde, AI for the People is a high impact communications firm that uses art, film and culture to increase public understanding of how to combat racial bias in artificial intelligence.


Brian Smith

Assistant and Program Officer of race, technology & black lives online

Brian is an actor and filmmaker who supports Mutale Nkonde and provides administrative support to the Race, Technology and Black Lives Online team.

Aleah Vassell

Assistant and program officer of race, technology & public imagination

Aleah Vassell is an actor and producer who provides administrative support for the Race, Technology and Public Imagination team.

Rasheed Ajamu

Program manager of race, technology & black lives online

Rasheed is a journalist and social media influencer who builds relationships with Black serving newsrooms nationwide to help AI for the People build resiliency against online misinformation and disinformation.